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I am a Colorado Wedding Photographer who has been in Business for 14+ years. I have photographed over
500 weddings and countless engagement sessions.
I specialize in a 'adventure wedding and engagement style'

When I say adventure, I don't mean WHAT YOU DO.
I mean HOW YOU DO IT. 

One of my favorite things about my own marriage is that adventurous love my husband and I have for each other. I'm talking about the more trivial stuff like loving exploring and traveling, but I’m also talking about the serious adventure of life. The adventure of being parents, the adventure of being us both small business owners and all the challenges that come with it, the adventure of home improvement projects and daily life together. All of it is our adventure together. So when I say I want to capture your adventure, I’m not trying to cram you into some REI loving, hiking boot wearing, snowboarding category.

I want to invest about your idea adventure, the things you do together, the things that make your day, the things that bring you joy and the things that make you love wildly.

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer
Steamboat Wedding Photographer

Adventure Photography is different for me.

Being a Colorado Adventure Photographer doesn't mean that I only photograph hiking elopements.

In fact, I photograph all kinds of weddings, all over the world with all kinds of people. 


Adventure isn't a specific activity or style.

It's an attitude.
It's the way you approach life. 


Adventure Photography is simply an elevated way of capturing TRUE, GENUINE moments because you are doing something that actually brings you JOY. 


And isn’t that the goal? To capture you in this stage and season of your life? To remind yourselves of the past chapters of adventure and help you plan for the future ones? To remind yourselves how much you love each other when your season is tough? To show your kids and grandkids what they should look for in their futures? These photos last forever. It’s not something to just “get over with”.... it’s a moment in your life that will forever be preserved. Do it right. Make sure your adventure story is told.

Callie Riesling Photography


I've been married to my wonderful husband for almost 14 years! Together for 17 years. He is also a small business owner and at times you may see him working with me, especially on winter weddings. 
We enjoy traveling together, being awesome business teammates and working on our beautiful garden and yard.



My crazy little boy who made me a Mom

8 years ago. Full of spirit, energy and self confidence. We enjoy traveling the world with him. He has visited over 35 countries on 3 continents so far. You can usually find us in the backyard, playing hockey or baseball, on an airplane or in my office where he usually plays legos, fighter jets or outer space while I edit.

Coors Field Wedding Photographer

I've been in business for 14+  years now. 
I've photographed somewhere around 600 weddings & over 1000 portrait sessions. About 4 years into business, I was hired by my first Major League Baseball client & over the last 6+ years I have photographed over 20 MLB Weddings and Sessions. I've had work published all over the world and have won prestigious awards, but I pride myself on my personal relationship with my clients.


Hey guys! My name is Callie Riesling and I hope I can be your photographer. Like I said earlier, this is a very important decision and isn't something to rush. It is important you pick someone who you mesh well with because it truly will determine how much you love your photos. 

I have a true passion for loving and serving others. It is a God given quality and I love letting it shine through my work to glorify my creator. 
I also am constantly amazed by the world around me. This sense of wonder isn't going anywhere. I have lived in Colorado almost my entire life and still every time I go over one of the passes. I am greatly fueled by the places and people around me and I hope you can see it in my work. 

Everything you see here is authentic. These aren't images from models or workshops. This is real love. Authenticity in all it's beauty.

Callie Riesling Photography
Steamboat Wedding Photographer
Colorado Springs Wedding Photography
Colorado Wedding Photographer
Vail Wedding Photographer



Callie is one of the most hard working, professional and creative people we have ever worked with and we are so glad we made the choice to contract with her for our engagement session and wedding. We originally hired Callie to shoot our wedding because of her ability to capture the depth of emotion and energy with an entire wedding and her adventurous spirit that enables her to find the natural beauty in a place and the people in it. In summary, we waned to capture all of the emotion of the day and the raw beauty of Colorado rather than just perfect portraits. Callie delivered on this and so much more. The photos from our wedding are simply gorgeous. We got married at Camp Hale, which is celebrated for its natural beauty in the surrounding landscape. Callie weaved this into all of our photographs, including incredible starry-night-sky photos. Callie’s photographs of us, our families and our wedding party are bursting with energy and captured the joy and love of the day. She also made us all feel super comfortable in front of the camera by providing clear direction on what to do so we could have fun with pictures and feel natural doing it. We wanted to have photos that we can look back on forever and remember how we felt that day, remember the smiles on peoples’ faces, and remember how humbling the beautiful landscape was, and Callie brought this to life beyond anything we had hoped for. Callie was also a joy to work with throughout the whole process. She was creative, hard working, professional, always willing to go above and beyond, and is someone who we were excited to spend a lot of time with on our wedding day. If you are looking for a photographer that will go far beyond the simple wedding portraits and will capture the joy, laughter, beauty, and energy of not just the couple but also of family and friends, then hiring Callie is a great choice.


Camp Hale Wedding Photographer
Colorado Fall Wedding Photographer
Motocross Wedding Photos
Colorado Dirt Bike Wedding

Callie is beyond incredible! There could not be a more perfect photographer for Colorado couples. When I found her work years ago, I knew one day I would have to hire her for my wedding -- the pictures that drew me to her were an engagement shoot of a couple camping and I loved that the pictures not only highlighted an engagement, but also showcased what the couple really loved to do. My husband and I spend almost all of our free time dirt biking, that's even how we met! We are not the type of couple to pose for fancy photos, and Callie ran with the roots of who we are to take the most EPIC photos ever for our engagement and wedding. She even had us ride a dirt bike in our wedding clothes (seriously, coolest photos ever). On top of taking the best photos EVER, Callie also takes care of you. Throughout our planning process, she was quick to respond to e-mails or even text messages even if they were not photo related (she was the one to help me review my timeline and provide reassurance around COVID). On my wedding day, Callie was on the ground using dryer sheets to get the static out of my dress, she helped my mom bustle my dress, and she checked on me throughout the night to make sure I was ok. She started as a hire photographer and quickly is now a lifelong friend. Seriously, look no further and hire Callie -- I promise, you will love her and her work as much as I (and all of her other clients do). You won't regret it!


Callie is an amazing photographer and person! She is super creative and let's you have your input as well. She is great at editing after the engagement session and wedding and very quick at getting you sneak peek photos. I started following her years before my wedding and new for a very long time that she would be the first person I would call when I knew I was getting married. My husband and I felt incredibly confident being ourselves with her. She captured us 100% and you can actually hear us laughing through the photos is what our family and friends say. Our engagement session was a blast and our wedding was more than I could have imagined. When I think back to our wedding day, the couple of hours with Callie up in the mountains taking photos with the 3 of us plus our videographer was the highlight of my day. She really exceeded my expectations for a wedding photographer. We now have epic engagement and wedding photos that I am putting all over my house and will be something we keep forever. Callie is extremely professional as well; she kept track of timing, she took photos of a lot of our guests, and made sure we got all the shots we wanted. She is also an amazing person; her heart is huge and she truly cares for her couples and I think that is what makes it so special; that you get to know each other and really get your personality captured in the photos. Callie made me feel so confident that day and the most beautiful I have ever felt which is exactly how are you supposed to feel on your wedding day. I wouldn't have gone any other way than choosing Callie, if you are contemplating anything reach out to her and discuss your options since she has a lot of packages you can choose from. I even set my wedding date based on Callie's availability since I felt getting a great photographer was worth it and it definitely was!


Breckenridge Wedding Photographer
Colorado Elopement Photographer


Callie is so down to earth that she made our engagement and wedding sessions feel so natural and fun. We felt that we not only walked away with one of a kind, beautiful pictures but a new friend!
We may have to do a renewal of vows just to hire you again!!


Copper Wedding Photographer


Callie’s photos speak for themselves, but what a photo won’t tell you about Callie is that she truly cares about capturing her clients’ special day. When Callie’s flight was canceled due to weather in the Midwest, Callie packed a car and drove the 1,600 miles way to make it in time for our day (bless her heart for not telling me until she made it!!!!!!!). Day of, Callie ran the [photo] show and made things so stress-free for us.

She’ll work around your vision and you will not be disappointed in the photos you get! 


Colorado Destination Wedding Photographer


Callie was incredible and so welcoming for our shoot in St.Kitts! Not only did she make us feel so comfortable, we had so much fun! She truly is amazing at what she does!!

St Kitts Wedding Photographer


Callie was more than our photographer, she was a part of our wedding. She was not just a shadow in the background taking pictures, but someone that truly helped make our special day extra special with her charming personality and willingness to lend a helping hand.

Callie is an extraordinary photographer who pays great attention to detail, makes you feel comfortable and at-ease, and truly embodies the spirit of adventure. From hiking through the mountains for our engagement session, to traveling thousands of miles to photograph our elopement in Ireland, Callie exceeded our expectations.

Ireland Destination Wedding Photographer
Sapphire Point Wedding Photographer
Lake Dillon Wedding Photographer

Callie was our photographer for our engagement photos,

wedding ceremony in 2020, and upcoming wedding reception in 2021, and we could not be more impressed by her talent and professionalism.

Planning and executing a wedding in 2020 during a pandemic was not easy, but

Callie was honestly the bright spot of what was otherwise a stressful and confusing planning period!

She was extremely flexible and understanding, and made navigating the 2020 ceremony/2021 reception seamless and as painless as it could be.

She helped me map out photos I definitely wanted in 2020 versus ones I wanted to do only in 2021 during the reception portion, is an expert on the locations we chose to shoot our photos (both engagement and wedding) in Vail County and Summit County , and is an excellent communicator throughout the planning process. Callie has an intimate knowledge of Colorado and the most beautiful and pristine locations our gorgeous state has to offer.

This is honestly SO valuable! She will provide recommendations, feedback/examples from past locations, and help you pick the perfect spot for your photos. She also will make you and your fiancé/spouse feel so comfortable and beautiful – we honestly had a BLAST during our sessions with Callie and still talk about how much fun we had. I could go on and on about how wonderful Callie is – but you really need to select her and find out for yourself – it will be the best wedding planning decision you make, I promise!



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When you look at Instagram, you see the VERY best of what a photographer has to offer. 

When you look at other websites, you may see 5-10 of their favorite images.

I mean, some of those aren't even real weddings - they might be from a styled shoot or workshop

But what about the rest of the wedding day?

Did they get those moments?

Or are they just creative and good at posing?

Did they just stage everything?

Not here guys. Not with me.


That's the reason I have so many (too many) photos in my main slideshow.

My photography is more than just a couple of 'curated' good images.

All these weddings are REAL CLIENTS. No workshops or styled shoots here. 

So for the sake of true, honest, transparency... 


This way, you will know what to expect on your wedding day - The full story + what the actual couple had do say about it! 

Colorado Adventure Wedding Photographer