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YOUNGER RANCH PHOTOGRAPHER | Alex + Mal's Black Forest Ranch Wedding - PART ONE





Seven years ago, I was contacted by Mallory when she saw my facebook ad about senior portraits. She asked if it was 'okay' to do some of the portraits with her horse (um of course!) and we met up at the Air Force Academy Stables for her portraits. Mallory is a dream to photograph. Sure, she has a beautiful face, but really it's her heart that shines. You can see joy in every single moment. 2 years later, I got an email from Mallory's mom to photograph her brother's senior portraits. And again, I was so impressed with the heart of another Weiss kid. Fast forward to last year when I was contacted by Mallory again. She was living in the Pittsburgh area had just gotten engaged to Alex. They had August in mind, but had no idea what their venue was going to be when they booked me... which is always a huge compliment. Fast forward a little further into last summer when Alex and Mallory were visiting and we met up at one of my favorite locations for their engagement photos. Mallory as always showed off her beautiful heart and all of her joyful laughter.... but I really, really enjoyed my time with Alex too. Just the way he looked at Mallory showed his loving and sensitive heart too. As time went on, Alex and Mallory booked one of my favorite venues in the area, Younger Ranch located in Black Forest. Gina Younger is fantastic to work with and really takes excellent care of her couples. Younger has one of the best, unobstructed views of Pikes Peak and such a gorgeous forest area. The Patio right outside the barn has such a wonderful warmth and atmosphere to it. Absolutely a wonderful place for a party. There were so many wonderful things about Alex and Mallory's wedding day, but there was something very different about it. Obviously I see a lot of beautiful weddings, obviously they are usually spent with the couple's most treasured people. BUT that was so intensified at this wedding. It's really hard to put into words but Alex and Mallory are such a model for others. They share their hearts with such vulnerability and love. And I think because of that, they are surrounded by such a force of like minded people. The joy on their wedding day was unique. And while I see this joy a lot of the time on a couple's wedding day, I am not always included in it. The second I walked into the Bride's room, I was greeted with joy, excitement and love by everyone in there. When I went up to photograph the guys, I was welcomed with the same joy and excitement. Every single person I spoke with on that wedding day was ELATED to be there. Seriously, such genuine joy for Mallory and Alex. So many genuine happy tears shed. So much joyful laughter. Anyway, if you have read this far... you probably know the bride and groom and you probably know exactly what I am talking about. But if by chance you don't know Alex and Mallory, know that every single moment here is genuine. By the end of these photos, I truly believe you will know what I am talking about.




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