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Four Seasons Vail Elopement at Christmas- Dan + Devon - Vail Wedding Photographer

Vail Wedding Photographer



Vail Wedding Photographer



Doing a wedding in the mountains just days before Christmas is challenging. There are scores of people everywhere, wearing brightly colored ski/snowboarding clothes. It is definently cold. The sun sets super early and the mountain closes even earlier. Weather like this is hard on clothing, makeup, hair, flowers (they freeze and wilt!), toes and chaps your lips. You may remember seeing Dan and Devon's Mississippi Engagement Session where they are currently stationed. If not you can see it HERE. Dan and Devon decided to have a more private destination elopement in Vail, Colorado and to celebrate with their friends and family once Dan's schooling was done. They stayed over the Christmas holiday at the Four Seasons Vail with a beautiful view out their balcony of the slopes. We changed our ceremony location a few times but Dan and Dev decided together (with some phone conversations and relays through me or my husband) to say their vows on the balcony at the Four Seasons overlooking the pool and the slopes behind. I noted below, but will also add here that Dan and Dev are pretty private people and have decided to share two photos from their ceremony and the other ones, you would have to see as a guest in their home. Make sure you scroll AAAAALLLLL the way down to the bottom... I know, it's annoying how many beautiful photos are in this blog ;) Dan and Dev did something that VERY few wedding couples do... especially at the Four Seasons Vail. I hope you all enjoy the gorgeous photos from Dan and Dev's Vail Winter Wedding!

Four Seasons Vail Entrance
Winter Wedding Details
Vail Winter Wedding Detail Inspiration
Four Seasons Vail Getting Ready
Four Seasons Vail View
Winter Wedding Details
Four Seasons Vail at Christmas

Dan and Dev have requested that most of their ceremony at the Four Seasons to remain private, but were happy to share these two images with us!

Four Seasons Vail Elopement

After their intimate ceremony, we ran back down to the salon to change up Dev's hair for another look and then headed up the mountain in Lionshead Village.

Vail Resort Wedding
Aspen Wedding Photographer
Vail Valley Wedding Photographer
Vail Mountain Wedding
winter Wedding Bride and Groom Inspiration
Vail Wedding Deck in Winter
Lionshead Vail Wedding Photographer
Vail Elopement
Colorado Winter Elopement
Vail Winter Wedding Photographer
Colorado Mountain Bride
Vail Wedding
Vail Wedding
Ski Resort Winter Wedding Inspiration
Winter Wedding Inspo
Colorado Ski Resort Wedding Photographer
Denver Wedding Photographer
Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer
Denver Winter Wedding
Breckenridge Wedding Photographer
Telluride Wedding Photographer
Vail Wedding Inspiration
Vail Wedding Photographer - Callie Riesling Photography
Callie Riesling Photography - Vail Winter Wedding
Colorado Winter Florals
Colorado winter adventure elopement
Elopement in Vail

We closed down the top of the mountain.... pretty much the last ones down the Lionshead Gondolas, most everyone else was skiing or boarding down though!

Vail Colorado Wedding Photographer

When we got down the mountain, we were greeted in Lionshead with a huge group of people (we had no idea who the heck they were) who insisted on taking selfies and giving well wishes to Dan and Dev. I always find it so funny when strangers take photos of brides and grooms (it happens ALL the time)... but like what are you going to do with your selfie with a random couple lol? Post it on your facebook? It's all in good fun and part of the experience. As strange as it is, it is always heartwarming to see people come cheer on complete strangers.

Vail Village
Alps Wedding Photographer
Arrabelle Vail Wedding Photographer
Arrabelle Vail Christmas Wedding

Since their wedding was 3 days before Christmas, Dev had requested some Christmas photos. I knew the Arrabelle Vail had the most classically beautiful lobby in terms of Christmas Decor.

Colorado Christmas Wedding

We headed back to the Four Seasons at the end of the night to drop off Dan and Devon. I had jokingly said something to Dev earlier about jumping in the pool at the end of the night... well when they said yes.... they weren't joking! They decided to take the plunge into the pool at the Four Seasons. They were only there for themselves and didn't have anyone else to be all done up for and were planning on changing. Dev kept her face dry so her makeup wouldn't need to be redone and really just had to do some touch ups on her hair! As weird as it may sound, I do have some knowledge and experience with this type of thing, so I made sure that they jumped into a shallow part of the pool... not to protect her hair or makeup, but because the weight of her wet wedding dress could pull her under. ;) Always looking out for my couples... never putting anyone in real danger!

Four Seasons Vail wedding Photographer
Four Seasons Vail Wedding

I would like to remind you that these photos were taken at dusk. The foggy haze in the photos is not editing or error, it is the steam coming off of the warm pool. It was well below freezing, it was at dusk and they had to get out and get back to the room!

Colorado Elopement Photographer
Best Wedding Photos
Denver Elopement Photographer

As soon as they jumped out, we got inside and Dan and my husband ran upstairs while Dev and I ran into the spa so I could help her with all the buttons on her dress (wet buttons! lol! The Four Seasons Spa took excellent care of us with a locker, robes, towels, shoes and all! Once we were done, Dev and I ran up to their room where they had a warm fire, macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries and champagne waiting!

FS Vail Wedding
Four Seasons elopement

We hope you enjoyed Dan and Dev's Four Seasons Vail Elopement and Wedding Photos on Vail Mountain and in Lionshead Village! Make sure you are subscribed to see all of our beautiful clients, tips and tricks and more!



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