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Dan + Dev - Cozy Mississippi Engagement Session




Destination Engagement Photographer


As much as I love adventure, as much as I love travel... I could never survive without my 'home base'. Being able to go home and have my comfort after being drained by the outside world is key. According to those fancy personality tests... my personality type is the most introverted of extroverts. So I need to be able to retreat. All of my military clients, friends and fans out there know... you make home wherever they send you. Base housing can be especially limiting with all the decor choices being made for you, not being able to paint or hang much. I am not military, but I know from my close friends, clients and family members that this can be so hard. Already being away from family and friends and your support system and then being thrown into a home that doesn't feel very homey. Base housing isn't exactly the most warm thing to come home to after a long day. So I think we all need to take an extra moment to appreciate the miracle that Dev has worked in their base housing to give Dan a warm, loving and supportive environment at home to help him get through his long days. I've seen a lot of base housing... Dev did great! I am so glad I was able to go down to Mississippi to capture this season of their lives. They were so kind to invite my son out on the tarmac to see the T-6s. Keep an eye out for their Vail Destination Elopement blog coming soon! Also, I do want to just point this out to all my clients - this is why I say not to stress on location. Obviously I love the epic mountain backdrops and rolling hills in Ireland... but I can even make base housing in rural Mississippi look good! <3

Mississippi Engagement Photographer

<3 Hope you enjoyed! <3



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