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Connor + Kelsey - Colorado Bass Fishing Engagement Session - Colorado Adventure Photographer

If you can't get ahold of Connor and Kelsey... it's likely they are floating on a mountain lake or reservoir (maybe purposely) without service. This particular reservoir is the water Connor grew up fishing just down the dirt road from his family's property. If you haven't looked at much of my work, you don't really know yet but my 'thing', my passion, my niche is really chasing after what brings my clients joy and capturing it in the way they love and feel it in their heart. For Connor and Kelsey, that means pulling up to the boat ramp just as the sky begins to turn pink. It means seeing the light and the water and the day the way that Connor sees it as he sits on the lake during tournaments. It means seeing history that they have sitting on that boat together with their pup. It's capturing it in the hazy, sunlit, joyful memory that they have hidden away in their hearts. A memory that I don't necessarily know about, but have to translate into photos, into a story that you can all see and understand.

The other really cool thing about my job is that sometimes you have people who follow your work for YEARS.... not engaged or at times even dating someone. Just attracted to your work and you as a business owner. That is Kelsey. I met Kelsey at one of my FIRST weddings like 10 years ago. She was in the wedding party, then soon after I photographed her senior portraits and then her family portraits. And then the SECOND (like seriously, they were still in Cabo) they got engaged... I had an email in my inbox. They booked me for their 2022 wedding. Yes, 2022. When someone follows and remains close with your work for that long, it gives you a unique confidence. Like they truly know you. They know your work. They know that you will probably ask them to do something a little crazy and to get their feet a little wet. They know that driving a few hours for sunrise is a no brainer for me. They know I'm up for a day of fishing and they TRUST the entirety of your vision. Which evolves into this new empowered creativity that really allows you to push your creativity. This really is one of the greatest compliments. I mean Kelsey has loved my work for a long time... far further back than I care to look on my hard drives. She saw my potential and vision and drive before a lot of people did and I am so grateful.

And it's not just Kelsey. Obviously she's been showing him my instagram feed for a while... because he was all in too. He just gave me full creative reign and told me he was my 'boat uber' for the day. I am so very excited for such a wonderful couple to get married and I am so excited that I get to be such a part of their lives. I hope you enjoy their photos!

Thanks for looking through this Colorado Bass Boat Engagement Session! I hope you enjoyed all of the true Colorado Adventure and the love for Fishing that these two share. I normally share what is up next, but I am unsure if I will be blogging any of last winter's engagement sessions or my Maroon Bells Elopement next! Either way, keep your eye out as both will be on the blog soon! Thanks! <3 Callie


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