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As much as I love beautiful photos and good business ethics,

I really believe that the single most important thing when choosing a wedding photographer is making sure you mesh well with them.

That you COULD be friends with them. 

Most people don't spend much time thinking about this, so many don't realize that your photographer will be the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day. You won't see your fiance until you do your first look or until you see each other from across the aisle.
Your wedding planner or coordinator will be busy running around for you meeting with your other vendors and making sure everything comes together. Your bridal parties won't be with you during your formal portrait time and your family members will be busy helping you host. 


There is a pretty big chance that you will be
spending a ton of time with me.

So from the time you hire me till forever. I am your friend.

My couples send me text messages when they
find their dress or tour their venue.
They tag me in funny, sarcastic memes on facebook.
We stay in touch for years.
Some of my very best friends started out as clients.
I've even been known to give some awesome travel tips.
And I love going to baby showers.

My point is this...
There are a MILLION amazing photographers out there who run amazing businesses and are just killing it. 

But what really matters is you and me.
I want to build a friendship with you.
I want to hear all about you.
I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me.

So, lets start with introductions...

Callie_Riesling-3752head swapped.jpg

I'm Callie. 
I promise, I won't talk about myself in the third person like so many photographers like to do in their bios. lol. 

I married my husband 10 years ago this year. I talked a little bit on my home page about the adventure of being married and we've had a lot.

We've absolutely gone on some more traditional adventures through our marriage like going on some awesome road trips down to Spring Training, camping with our Chocolate Lab and even rolling an ATV together - yikes. We've visited over 30 countries together and having an amazing destination wedding overlooking the ocean in my mom's hometown San Clemente.


But as you will learn in your own marriage, not all the adventures are glamorous. On one of those trips to Spring Training, our 8 week old chocolate lab ate all the toilet paper in the hotel room while we were sleeping and we ended up with some emergency vet bills. Or the time we pulled up the nasty old carpet in our living room to replace it with hardwood only to discover that the concrete subfloor wasn't at all level. We really got ourselves in over our heads and basically the end result was my husband and my dad getting a cement grinder to try and fix it.... it only took us another 2 years to just get carpet in there instead. haha. We had to do In Vitro which blessed us with our amazing son Jakey... but it also put us through the trials of infertility and miscarriage. We started our own small businesses at right about the same time and have continued to run them together, encourage each other and help each other with new ideas and taking things off the other person's plate. 
We have had the adventure of figuring out how to be parents every single day of the week since our feisty, strong willed little boy came into the world.We've had the adventure of figuring out how to travel with a baby, then a toddler and now a little boy to 30+ countries on 3 continents and 18 states. We've had the adventure of teaching him how to skate and potty training. 

Adventure as a married couple never stops.
It just changes with your season of life.
My parents have been married for over 30 years. 

They have definently showed me that the adventure is the best part of marriage. They do cool stuff like hiking the Matterhorn, drinking radlers with strangers at the top and then having to practically hike-run back down to the lift at the midway point because they are closing at dusk.
But I've also seen their adventures of the hot water heater flooding their newly finished basement.... their adventure of finding out about some of my high school parties and their adventures of raising kids together. But the cool thing is... like my husband and I, they met very young. They grew up together and now they are growing old together.
That's the adventure I want.


Alright, now on to the most important things.
The really super important ones that will help you

determine if we can really be friends.

Guacamole is an essential part of every diet.

Chocolate labs are the cutest dogs but I love all dogs.
I love Koppaburg Ciders, Stiegl Radlers and Rekorderlig.
I've surfed more times than I've skied
(even though I am a Colorado Native)
I am very proud to be American and am so thankful to all of those who serve including my little brother.
I am a huge Rockies fan, Dodgers fans beware haha.
I love flying my drone and am working on my FAA cert
for commercial work.

I always aim high, as a kid my dream jobs were: 
Major League Baseball GM 
and of course a Mom. 
I am a gardener. It's such an important part of my life, I
mostly am a flower gardener with more of a cottage garden style, but grow some veggies.
I am a history nerd.
I was absolutely positively born to be a boy mom. 
I love playing hockey with my guys in the garage and throwing a baseball around the back yard. 
I really, really love traveling and I believe you can tell a lot about a person based on the places they love and the places that are high on their bucket lists... So here are some of mine!

Overall Favorite: Norway and Ireland in a close second.
Favorite City: London
Favorite Cold Weather Place: Austria/Southern Germany
Favorite People: Ireland or Guatemala
Favorite Beach Destination: Barbados or St John
Favorite Tropical Destination: Guatemala, Colombia or Mexico
Favorite Gardens: The Cotswolds
Favorite US Destinations - San Clemente, anywhere in Colorado, Arizona, DC and Kansas City! 
Top Bucket List Spots: Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Chile, Slovakia, Alaska, South Africa, Poland, Sierra Leone, Greece, the Dolomites, Scotland, Japan, Tahiti and so many more. And of course back to all of my favorites! 

NOW - It's your turn. I want to get to know YOU. 
So please humor me and fill out my contact form. I can't wait to get to know you and hopefully get to be there on one of the most important days of your lives!


callie little.jpg

photo credits: Amy Bakke, Casey Flock, Heather Huie, Jen Baker and some awesome phone photos from various guests and assistants

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