My husband Tyler and I have been together for 12 years.
We have been married for 8 and 1/2 years.

We chose to have a destination wedding in my mom's

hometown of San Clemente, CA.
Almost 5 years ago, we were blessed with the news that

Invitro had worked for us and we were pregnant.
4 Years ago, our strong willed, crazy little boy Jakey was born.
In our spare time, we love to travel. 

He has now been to 29 countries in 4 years 

I love guac and I don't care if it's extra. 
I grew up a tomboy. I quit figure skating because I wanted

to play hockey and baseball has always been my favorite.
I love gardening and having my hands in the soil. 
When we are home, I am usually in my garden, running off to Hockey

or Tball with my son or planning our next adventure. 
I love Indiana Jones.
I've surfed more than I've skiied or snowboarded. 
I am a history nerd... especially World War II History. 
And because I only ever aspire for greatness, my dream jobs growing up were:
a Baseball GM, the tooth fairy, an astronaut and a Mom. 

I LOVE to travel so much! Here are my favorite places as of right now.
Overall Favorite: Norway
Favorite City: London
Favorite Cold Weather Place: Austria/Southern Germany
Favorite People: Ireland or Guatemala
Favorite Beach Destination: Barbados or St John
Favorite Tropical Destination: Guatemala, Colombia or Mexico

Favorite Gardens: The Cotswolds
Favorite US Destinations - San Clemente, anywhere in Colorado, Arizona, DC and Kansas City! 

This video is actually meant for our travel blog... but I really do feel it shows my heart and our family in the truest light.

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