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Yes, I am aware this blog is about Josh and Allison... but I have to give you a little background on my business first. I started my business at 18. I was fresh out of high school and was working as a teachers assistant at a preschool. Allison was my manager, my first real boss, other than my parents who I had done irrigation work with since I could dig trenches. Anyway, when I first started my business, most people thought I was crazy. Most people thought I could never make a decent living as a photographer. I was just a kid, surely I needed more schooling, life experience and maturity to start and operate a successful business. My parents, my brother and the guy I was dating (my now husband) all encouraged me as they always do... but even some of my closest friends and family members encouraged me to take a different path. So when I went down to Allison's office to give her my notice and tell her I was going out on my own as a professional photographer, I was nervous. It wasn't that Allison wasn't nice or something. She was a wonderful boss. BUT I was used to everyone thinking I was making a huge mistake and giving me allllll the advice on what steps I needed to take first before I could solely depend on my business. When I told Allison she didn't think I was crazy. She didn't give me allllll the advice... she simply said "Wow! Good for you!" Fast forward to last year when Allison contacted me about her photographing her wedding to Josh. I was so very excited to work with her and meet her husband to be, Josh. I met up with them in January of this year for a snowy jeep engagement session.

I didn't know Josh before this... but I can tell you that Allison didn't just find a husband, she didn't just find happiness... she found JOY. Pure freaking joy guys. She is so exceedingly happy, it's contagious. She and Josh just share this mutual sunny and joyful happiness together. The kind of togetherness that will last. So through this blog post, soak in the sunshine. Enjoy all the happy tears and the moments Josh and Allison chose to share with me. Also keep an eye out for all of the animal + beer loving details throughout the day! Allison even carried her faithful pup Penny as her bouquet, Josh had his cat on his socks, they had kittens at cocktail hour (Allison works for the Humane Society and was raising adoption awareness), and they had growlers and hops as reception decor!