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COORS FIELD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER | Alec + Chassidy's Colorado Baseball Wedding







There is something about baseball that I fell in love with when I was very little. And while I loved playing, it wasn't necessarily playing that I fell in love with. I fell in love with all of it. I fell for the smells and sounds of the ballpark. I fell for the stats and the legends. I learned everything I could about the game. I rearranged the rosters on my brother's Nintendo 64 games. I dreamed of being a GM myself. I just love baseball. All of it. This love for baseball has never stopped for me, I have just been blessed with an amazing opportunity to see it from different perspectives as an adult. I've worked with many players, I've seen them traded away, retire and get sent down. I've seen their passion, but I've also seen the reality that it is their work. So when I have the opportunity to photograph fans, I really truly enjoy it because they are like me. They have that innocent love for the game. They see the beauty of the ballpark the way I do. And when they step foot on the field, you see them look up in awe and wonder. You see them appreciate the few steps on the grass that they get. In this moment, they understand the Shoeless Joe Jackson quote from Field of Dreams: " The thrill of the grass." Over the last 8 or 9 years, I have been able to work at Coors Field many times, with players and fans alike. I love that moment of stepping on the field with them and watching their faces. Even the players who do it daily still marvel a bit. As Billy Beane said in Moneyball, "It's hard not to be romantic about baseball." So for me, this wedding is one of the easiest weddings I will ever do. Everytime I return to Coors Field for work, it is the same for me. I have no problem being inspired here. I mean there is a reason that there are so many beautiful baseball writings, so many good baseball movies that I will watch over and over again forever and so many beautiful photographs put out of stadiums. So many artists are inspired by baseball. The shadows cast across the field in the late afternoon sun, the lines and symmetry of the seats, the attention to detail that the grounds crew takes.

My creativity runs wild in such a place. Friends and family came to join Alec and Chassidy as they took the field in one of the most unique venues you could choose to get married at. Some traveled across the Pacific from the Hawaiian Islands and some just traveled down I25 from various areas of Denver. Alec and Chassidy put so much love and detail into entertaining their guests and showing them their love of the game. The personal touches and thoughtful ideas made this wedding absolutely perfect. So many happy tears and joyful hugs and huge smiles, I am so thankful they chose me to photograph their day. Make sure you check out PART 2 when you are done with this! It was so good, I couldn't fit it all in one post! <3


The First Look




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