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THE PINERY AT THE HILL WEDDING - Josh + Alexandria Colorado Springs Wedding




Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer



I've been talking a lot on instagram about how a wedding 'feels'. Weddings are such a fast paced, emotional event with so many people who have big places in your life. Actually, the speed of a wedding day is something I hear about often. "Wow, that went so fast." "It's already over?" "That went so fast I'm not even sure what happened." And while it really sucks to feel that way... it's why I am there. I tend to be an image heavy photographer. Yes, I am aware of how silly that sounds.... but there are photographers who believe there is more power in less images. My blogs often are spread into two seperate posts because there are simply too many photos to load in one post. And yes, I could absolutely pick 5-10 of the VERY best images... but let's be real. You wouldn't have the full story. My clients and their families wouldn't be lead through the real narrative of the day. I know my clients will hang at least one of their top 10 photos in their home... I know people will see those as profile photos. BUT how many people come over and look at the album? How many people will see the wedding day as it was or relive it from the eyes and hearts of the couple? That is my goal. That is why I share incredibly long blog posts when it probably isn't good for my search engine optimization. I want you to feel like you were there with them. I want you to feel what they feel/felt in their hearts. I really try to refrain from writing too much in between photos and let you feel the day. Like I said above, capturing the feeling is what I do. And there was so much feeling on Josh and Alexandria's wedding day. So many huge smiles, happy tears and big embraces. So many different expressions of the joy and appreciation that the couple has for each other AND all of the people who are important in their lives. From the beginning to the end, you could truly see who Josh and Alex really are. From all the tears on and around the aisle when Alex's dad walked her down to the stack of Bibles that Josh gifted to all of his groomsmen and his new wife, I really felt who they are. And the best part is, I often see the best of people (and sometimes the worst of them) on their wedding day, but Josh and Alex really do follow through. They really try to live it out daily. They really try to be the best people they can be, examples to everyone else on a daily basis. So know that everything you see is genuine. They really are these people and they really are loved like these people. Enjoy! DON'T MISS PART TWO AT THE BOTTOM!





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