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Callie Riesling Photography |    Colorado Wedding Photographer

Yeah, there are a lot of us. I bet you saw A LOT of Colorado Wedding Photographers when you typed it into google. So who am I? What do I do that makes me different?

1. My Work

This one is kind of hard to explain, but I shoot Colorado how I see it. I photograph the Colorado sunshine and the mountain peaks with love. And so many of the photos I take are built from my own memories and experiences. What you see in my work is my own heart for Colorado.


2. I'm a Colorado Native

I grew up breathing the thin Colorado Air. I was Born and Raised Hiking, Camping, Adventuring

and Exploring in the Colorado Mountains. I know secret spots, I know the weather patterns

and I know how beautiful this state truly is.

3.  I Have the Experience to Back Up My Work

I've been a Colorado Wedding Photographer for 10 years. I started my business at 18 and have since photographed 250+ weddings. I've seen all the crazy

that Colorado has to offer... from freak hail storms to white out conditions to

the Manitou Flood... I've covered it all. I know how to take care of you in every situation that Colorado could possibly throw at us.

4.  I Have the Reviews to Back Up My Experience

Like I said above, I have a lot of experience in the wedding business... and the best part is, the photos that I produce, the experience that I have in the Colorado Wedding Market and the person that I am all result in one thing. Happy clients. We have had so many positive reviews from our past couples that The Knot named us part of their "Best of Weddings Hall of Fame". 
(Read some of the reviews below!) 

5.  I Love What I Do.

Wedding Photography isn't for everyone. You have to love it to do it.

I sincerely love it. I love seeing what things bring people joy and I love preserving that so they can have that moment in their life forever. This is part of the reason I am an "adventure photographer".

Adventure Photography is simply an elevated way of capturing TRUE, GENUINE moments because you are doing something that actually brings you JOY. 


 When you couple what a person loves with who they love, it brings out the most epic joy.

callie little.jpg
wm (1 of 1)-20.jpg

Okay, I know it might seem silly to claim native status on my list of pros... but it really should be a pro.

Do you see that photo up there on the left? That's me hiking in Vail... and the one next to it?

Yeah, I've been a Rockies fan for my entire life. I know Coors Field better than any other wedding photographer and I'm more than happy to prove that to you any time.

And the final photo... that's my son hiking with me in Breckenridge after a wedding. Yep, he's a native too. If you are a transplant, I don't have anything against you (until we are all on I70 or I25 stuck in traffic together haha. But I do believe being a native is 100% important when choosing a Colorado Wedding Photographer. I know the light here, I understand altitude sickness, I know static electricity on a 14'er is REALLY bad, I grew up hiking here, camping here, exploring here and adventuring here. I know Colorado.


I've also traveled to some pretty incredible places around our country and around the globe. And while I LOVED Norway, Guatemala, Ireland and so many more... there just isn't any place like Colorado. 

So if you are looking for an awesome Colorado Wedding Photographer,

lets talk and see if what you are looking for. 

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