Colorado Hiking Elopement PHotography






When you talk about a dream adventure elopement, there are many places that come into the conversation. There are so many incredible places to consider. Being a Colorado adventure elopement photographer, I am fortunate enough to live in one of the places that is always at the top of the conversation list. But another place that is ALWAYS brought up as one of the most epic place to get married is IRELAND. So when Jessica contacted me about engagement photos and mentioned that they were getting married in Ireland... I was like "HEY! I COULD go to Ireland with you!!!!" They were originally going to work with a photographer included in their 'elopement package' through their planning company.... but instead Chris and Jessica talked it over and decided that they wanted. Jessica said "It truly would be a dream come true to have you shoot our wedding!" and Chris said "sounds good to me". So that's how it started. And it ended with us all eating dinner together in a pub across the Atlantic after sharing an incredible day together. Actually, scratch that... it ended the next day when I dropped off some extra Claritin to Chris and Jessica who were both having some major allergies. Our wedding planner and officiant Riona was telling us about the major 'pollen bomb' they were having... she wasn't wrong!


I met them that morning at their Air BnB where Chris and Jess were spending the morning together. Two of the biggest positives of choosing to elope are that 1. You get SO much quality time together and 2. You make your own rules. If that means you want to get ready together, that means you get ready together. So after photographing the getting ready process, the details and Chris and Jessica's morning together... we made Chris get dressed and then he headed over to the pub where Chris and Jessica would do their first look so Jessica could put on her wedding dress and her finishing touches with Riona and I.




May 1st, 2015 is when we first met. We were both dragged out by our respective friends, me for a girls' night and him to celebrate the end of the college semester. He was sitting alone at a high-top table by the dance floor when I walked by. As I passed, I looked up and saw him looking back at me. I simply said "you look lonely". Little did I know, I had just struck up a conversation that would lead to forever. Needless to say, neither of us have been lonely since.


Since Jessica and Chris met in a bar, they decided to redo this on the same date four years later for their first look. This time in an Irish pub with a suit and a wedding gown.

From the pub (which by the way, if you ever find yourself on the border of County Dublin and County Wicklow, make sure you stop in for a pint! The wonderful people at Johnnie Fox's take GREAT care of their people. They were so kind about Chris and Jessica coming in for their first look and even hooked Chris up with some Guinness. Irish hospitality is a THING guys.) Anyway, as I was saying... from the pub we headed over to Glendalough with our wonderful tour guide, wedding planner and officiant Riona from Elope Ireland. The wonderful thing about using Elope Ireland is that they let you pick the area and then when you get there you can just kind of look for the perfect spot instead of having it picked for you! We found the most wonderful spot right on the shores of the Lough (pronounced Loch). Glenalough itself is a glacial valley dotted with ruins of a 6th century, early Medieval monastic settlement.




On the shores of the Irish Lake of Glendalough, Chris put on the song they had chosen on their portable speaker and took his place next to the Officiant Riona. As the song played, Jessica walked down their little 'aisle' avoiding wild rose bushes and driftwood on the ground.

Riona delivered a beautiful ceremony where Chris and Jessica exchanged their personal, hand written vows, did the ancient Celtic Hand-fasting Ceremony where the couple 'ties the knot' and exchanged their rings before their first kiss.