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Phil + Emily

Arlington, VA and Washington DC WEDDING

Washington DC Metro Area


I'm going to warn you now... this story is a little nuts.

Last year I photographed a wedding in Kansas City at the Weston Red Barn Farm, where Phil and Emily attended and Emily was a bridesmaid for Aubrey. Following that, Phil and Emily ended up booking me for their wedding on June 1st, 2019 in Arlington, VA. Almost right after booking them, my husband and I flew to DC to do Phil and Emily's Engagement Session around Georgetown and the National Mall.

I promise, ONE DAY I will blog all of these too!

Now, when I book a destination wedding... I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS book extra time in case something catastrophic were to happen.

I always leave enough time to figure it out.

As we pulled up to DIA and parked the truck to leave 2 days before, I got a text from Southwest that our flight's connection was cancelled due to bad weather and flooding in the Midwest. We were already headed into the airport and I immediately called southwest and was on hold... so we figured it may be faster to go to the desk agent.

Well apparently there were A LOT of cancelled flights that day... pretty much the entire Northeast... and some flights to Phoenix too because we ran into some old baseball clients the Hollands who are now playing for the Dbacks. Anyway. We were in line (and on hold) for about 40 min and then spent about another hour and a half with the desk agent trying to get a flight to ANYWHERE within a ten hour drive. Everything was either completely sold out or cancelled. They could only get us on a flight the next afternoon... and I mean what if it just happened again. This weather pattern of bad storms had been consistent for quite a while at this point... and if it was cancelled again we would've just been out of luck. So instead of risking it, we went and loaded up a car.

We couldn't miss Phil and Emily's wedding... so instead my husband and I tag teamed it and drove cross country in 27 hours with traffic, flooding closures, food stops and restroom breaks. And literally made it to the rental car company with 10 min before they closed for the weekend to return it on a 24 hour rental (With the 3 hour grace period and early closing time). And I still had 16 hours of buffer room between when we arrived and wedding time... enough time for me to get a good dinner and a good nights rest!

1 cancelled flight

2 hours at the ticket counter

90+ min on hold

1,700+ miles driven

11 states visited

3 hours in my truck

27 hours in the rental car

2 amazing clients

1 amazing wedding

Phil came up with the most elaborate, funny and thoughtful gifts for each of his groomsmen. You might be thinking he got them signed jerseys and the batting helmet from their FAVORITE players. If you are thinking that, you don't know Phil. These signatures ranged from failed fantasy football picks to a player who got caught doping... and then he also got it signed by the journalist that re-voted for him anyway. This is Phil. This is why these guys are his closest friends.

Back over to the girls where Emily's sisters and mom helped zip her up. Emily is a girl after my own heart... she was gardening (something we both love) the week of her wedding and she ended up getting poison ivy all over her poor stomach! Totally something that would happen to me too! Thank goodness we don't really have the poison ivy/oak issue in Colorado.



The most important thing to us for our wedding was enjoying the day with as many friends and family as possible. We chose to get married at the church Phil and his brothers went to grade school at, and where he met many of our friends today. Our wedding planning was incredibly stressful between family health issues and starting a new job, and you know....planning a wedding. But day of - I couldn’t have been more carefree. I was marrying my best friend and someone I’ve built my life with over the past 6 years. The day was not perfect, but it felt it to me...the bus got lost - killing our time for couples pics, the DJ was literally awful, and you hopefully could not tell how sleep deprived I was - but when it came to it, really all that matter to us was being in one room with the people we loved. Our wedding was so special and truly unforgettable. From our ceremony to the after party, it was jam packed with family, friends, old memories, and of course, ozo. We’re so thankful for our family and friends who helped pull off our day - and to Callie for her sharing her talent with us and capturing our wedding.