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San Clemente Wedding Photographer - Nick + Adrianna's Casa Romantica Wedding- Destination Weddin

San Clemente




Being a destination wedding photographer, you never really know where you will end up. I've shot in London, I've shot in Phoenix. I've shot in Puerto Rico, I've shot in Texas, I've shot at Disney World. I've spent years myself to this particular sleepy little surf town in southern California where I grew up catching sand crabs, learning to surf, eating Have'a Chips from Pier Market, getting yelled at by my parents to get out of the water at dusk and then hiking back up the hill in the pier bowl. I even married my amazing husband a few blocks away from their venue 7 and a half years ago. This is where my son first put his feet in the ocean. San Clemente is childhood to me. It is my nostalgic home. It is my favorite place in the world. So at the end of March, I received a text message from a favorite client of mine who had moved away from Colorado to the San Diego area. She told me about this super sweet girl who was getting married and needed a photographer and asked if she could pass along my number. I said of course and thanked her. A little while later, I got a text that said "Callie! It's Adrianna!" We talked some more and I asked her when her wedding would be and where it would be. She said Casa Romantica in San Clemente. "WHAAAAT?!?!"

As we talked, we discovered how many connections we had to each other. She was also from Colorado Springs and had moved to Carlsbad. Her fiance had also proposed on the Pier. She also was going to be married in San Clemente. We pretty much decided from there that it HAD to be a good fit! Their wedding date was just about a month away. Her fiance Nick would be graduating from Marine Boot Camp two days before their wedding (and he ended up getting HONOR MAN!). The weekend of the wedding, I also had a wedding booked in Kansas City. Doing back to back weddings in two separate states (neither being my home state) was something I had never done before. But the scheduling worked out perfectly with her wedding starting later in the afternoon and the advantages time change can give you. Everything went perfectly! I have to say, this wedding would've been INCREDIBLE even without my personal connection to the San Clemente. But... I think my love for this little town came out in these images.



The Proposal From the Bride: "We fell in love in San Clemente. That is where we had a lot of our firsts together. It was on our one year anniversary that Nick had drawn out a map with all of the places that meant something to us and told me that every year we would add a new destination. He knew I loved taking pictures, so we visited each spot and took a selfie. By the end of the day, we went to a new restaurant. It was beautiful. He paid the bill and asked our waiter Oliver to take a picture so I went to stand up and he told me 'You don't need to stand up for this one.' He got down on one knee and was so nervous. I ugly cried so much that I didn't even say yes, all I could do was kiss him. "



The Wedding Day

From the Bride:

"The wedding day was definitely full of emotions. Nick had been gone for almost 6 months and had just graduated Boot Camp two days before the wedding, so everything went so fast. I barely got to see him. The only thing I can really remember was seeing Nick standing there waiting for me at the altar. The whole entire time, I just saw him. It was like tunnel vision. We got everything we loved that night. Tequila, Mexican food, an incredible sunset and each other.... FINALLY!"



The Wedding Vendors

Coordination: Weddings by Cortney Helaine

Catering: Iva Lee’s Catering

Venue: Casa Romantica

Entertainment: Vox DJ’s

Florals: The Tangled Vine


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