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Scott + Ashley's New Hampshire Barn Wedding - Colorado Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love this couple. We connected a few years ago before all the covid nonsense when we were both going on vacation. I advertised in a group Ashley was in and she contacted me to set up a couples shoot in St Kitts! We had a blast doing their session and became quick friends and ended up spending the rest of our vacation together! So this year, we headed out to New Hampshire to photograph their gorgeous wedding. It was absolutely so wonderful to be included with their closest friends and family members. I loved meeting their group of friends, I mean we thought Scott and Ashley were awesome already... but after meeting their parents and their siblings and closest friends. We get it. They are surrounded by incredible people and are so, so loved. And they are so wonderfully loving and joyful themselves, it would be impossible not to love them. Anyway, I am obviously incredibly behind on blogging, so I am going to try these little slideshows instead. I am doing them without sound so you don't have to worry about silencing your phone or speakers at work. ;) Enjoy! Leave them some love in the comments! To our 'new' New Hampshire friends, thank you for welcoming us and loving on me and my family. We can't wait to come back for another visit!



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