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Kansas City Wedding Photographer - Ian + Aubrey's Tuscan Styled Weston Red Barn Farm Wedding - D






So this is going to sound bad, but please hear me out. Growing up in Colorado, Kansas was just that flat state out East. You know, corn fields, tornadoes... all of the Midwestern generalizations that those of us who live at altitude make about our neighbors. Missouri was another Midwesterny state even further from us... probably flat too and the Arch is there. The other thing Coloradoans are raised to know about Kansas City *this one is totally true* is that the Kansas City Chiefs suck.... but not as much as the Raiders. (Go Broncos!) Anyway, back to Kansas City. I saw so many friends go off to college at KU. And a lot of them ended up staying. So when Aubrey (a long time client) and her fiance Ian contacted me about photographing their wedding in Kansas City... I was pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Growing up in Colorado (one of the most beautiful places on the planet), there is one thing that almost all Coloradoans crave - well I do anyway... GREEN GRASS. Sure, we have lawns here... but unless it has a sprinkler system, it's probably going to die. So when I landed in Kansas City (btw, the cutest little airport next to John Wayne in California and Ronald Reagan in DC)... all I saw was GREEN. It was amazingly green. The color was brilliant and beautiful. Even when the natural areas are so green in Colorado, it's usually more of a yellowy green... but this was true green. Now you probably think I am crazy. And I might be... I blame baseball for my love of green grass. Either way, it was beautiful. When we landed, we decided to go straight into the city to experience it all. When I go to a destination wedding, I really need to see the area, the culture, the style... and Kansas City had plenty to see. First of all... I know it was a Friday afternoon, but Idk if I have ever seen so many LOCALS out and about in their downtown for a fun evening out. It was like LoDo on a game day but the entire city. We had gathered recommendations from a few of our favorite Kansas City loving clients and the Bride herself. We went down to the River Market and walked around. It was mostly closed up for the night, but it was pretty awesome and I've dreaming of the farmers markets there! We then went up to the World War One Memorial. Which is incredible. After looking around at all of the names and the monument itself, we went over to the ledge. What a view! Seriously. The view of downtown and the rolling green hills behind. Yep. Kansas City is so much more than beautiful barns and good BBQ. It is gorgeous and I loved it. We headed over to Oklahoma Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que per our recommendations from a bazillion people. Seriously, one of our clients Sarah, our KC Royals clients the Gores recommended it, the bride, the car rental guy..... pretty much anyone we talked to! Guys. Oklahoma Joe's is literally in a gas station. And the line was out the door. And apparently not as bad as it usually is. It's won ALLLLLLL the awards. So many famous food critics have ventured to this little gas station and when I ate the food. I knew why! Even their pickles were the best pickles ever. The pulled pork put every other BBQ joint's pulled pork to SHAME. And that was it. That's how Kansas City won over a thin air loving, Colorado living girl.



Just kidding. We still have the wedding to get to guys. Congratulations if you are still reading by the way. haha!

Anyway, like I said earlier.... Aubrey has been a long time client of mine. She is seriously one of my favorite people. Her heart is amazing and kind and loving (even to her photographer) and she is incredibly thoughtful about EVERYTHING. So when I found out she was engaged... I was like okay, who is this guy. And he won me over when he agreed with Aubrey to fly me out for the wedding. Lol. Just kidding, I'm tougher than that! But he really did win me over when I heard him talk about her. You can totally tell how much he loves her. And lets be honest, they compliment each other so well. They are so stylish and are probably some of the most genuine people. If you aren't convinced how perfect they are for eachother, they even went as Chuck and Blair for Halloween... second best halloween costume I've seen next to Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from the Sandlot lol! Their venue is now one of my favorite venues I've shot at. I'll stop talking because let's be honest, I'm a photographer not a writer and my photos speak my mind!