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Jared + Stephanie - Crooked Willow Farms Wedding - Part Two

Jared + Stephanie - Crooked Willow Farms Wedding Photographer - Part TWO

****If you haven't looked at part one, STOP and go there now!


If you think Jared and Steph might look familiar, you may recognize them from their extremely popular Youtube channel (with 1.6 MILLION subscribers!) and their brand Outlaw. They are such awesome people and really do work extremely hard. So if you haven't, check them out! :)

I have a HUGE appreciation of people who've worked their tails off to create brands and be wonderful entrepreneurs. I truly relate to Jared on the brand he has built, he's been doing videos or 'vidjas' since 2008 when he was just a kid. I started my business in 09 when I was just a kid too. Continually bringing new, creative and exciting content for this long is tough! Managing all that social media, personal relationships and still being a wonderful and joyful person takes a lot of effort and thought and grit. It truly takes a certain kind of person to make the cut in the creative entrepreneurial sphere. And obviously, those subscribers prove it! Steph or Mrs Outlaw is really wonderful life partner for Jared. She is such a joyful and upbeat and genuine person AND she knows how to have a good time with surprise choreographed father daughter dances. Like I said in part one, 2020 took a special kind of couple to get through. I am SO thankful Jared and Stephanie were one of my couples. I wouldn't have wished last year (especially their experiences) on ANYONE, but I am thankful I had a couple who was in it together, who was optimistic (even when it seemed insane to be haha!) and were so just genuinely kind. It's EXTREMELY hard to explain all of this. Because it seems silly. It seems trivial. It seems like something you just say. But I truly mean it. These guys really deserved the best day and they fought HARD to have it. And they were genuinely kind when most people would've just had it. Stephanie even made a point to thank me in her speech. She really didn't need to do it, that's not why I worked hard for them. But it filled my cup for the rest of the long year. I mean here we are just short of a year later and I am still talking about it. I probably won't ever stop. There are just some people that make a difference in the way you do your job forever, because they saw the work you put in, the extra above and beyond that you went and shouted it from the roof tops. ANYWAY.... I'll get to the part that you guys actually all care about! Their photos!

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I had no idea she was going to be talking about me. All the tears, all the thanks in the world from me!

Thank you guys SO much for looking over all of these! I hope you enjoyed them!



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