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Jared + Stephanie - Crooked Willow Farms Wedding - PART ONE

Gosh, I am so far behind on blogging. I have so many wonderful weddings from 2020 and early 2021 to share with you guys, so make sure you keep an eye out!

Crooked Willow Farms Wedding

Jared + Stephanie - Crooked Willow Farms Wedding Photographer - Part One

Weddings in 2020 were nearly impossible. Even when they WERE possible, they FELT impossible. On any wedding day, there are so many opinions and different personalities that MUST come together to take care of a wedding couple. And then throw in Covid, restrictions and so, so much more... and it really just throws these couples into a pit of despair and frustration and just this 'lie' of impossibility that comes up constantly in their hearts. I assure you, if you know a couple who has postponed their wedding, gone through with their wedding, eloped, or downsized, NONE of those couples came to that decision lightly. I KNOW that they consider each and every one of their people and for people like Jared and Stephanie who LOVE their people so deeply, I can tell you a few weeks ago, none of us were sure that this wedding would happen. Not that Jared and Steph wouldn’t get married... but that this celebration of their marriage wouldn’t happen.

I keep telling people that weddings are different this year. When I say that everyone thinks of the obvious things like masks and restrictions and postponing and trying to navigate which vendors are comfortable working and dealing with the opinions of literally everyone all the time.

I’m talking about the part that you don’t notice unless you’ve done a gazillion weddings over the years.

I’m talking about the covid wedding glow.

Laugh if you want but I’m serious. This year is about GETTING MARRIED. Like actually the marriage part of the wedding. I mean it’s always about that, but other things and stresses and frustrations seep their way in with weather or delays or whatever it may be. In 2020 NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

We could have pouring rain and be two hours behind and my clients would just be over the moon that they were able to get married. I’m not kidding.

With all the stress and confusion and hopelessness and frustration of their circumstances, these couples come into their wedding day with such a relentless joy.

When I say that these couples are relentless, I MEAN IT. Jared and Stephanie toasted Coronas at the altar just after they were pronounced husband and wife. Putting all of the nonsense and chaos and frustration that 2020 has thrown at them. They won. They are married.

2020 was about getting married. And I am so thankful for that. Because that is why I am a wedding photographer. For me, the wedding is an incredibly beautiful anticipation of many years of even more beautiful marriage.

See how BEAUTIFUL these photos are? This is just a peek of how beautiful their marriage will be.

You can see these two incredibly genuine, loving, hardworking, persistent and joyful hearts coming together to form one incredibly genuine, loving, hardworking, persistent and joyful marriage that will last. They fought SO hard for their wedding, if they fight this hard for marriage.... well till death do us part.

Check out that "Corona" toast right after their first kiss! Also make sure you click the link at the bottom to get to part two.

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Always love doggos in the ceremony! It's the best!

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When your almost wife looks THAT good coming down the aisle.

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And when you can see the eyes watering on your guy!

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This ceremony is one of my top 5 ceremonies in like 300+ ceremonies. Jared and Steph are the wonderful people. Everything they do is in such joy and they surround themselves with wonderful people. So obviously, everything was full of smiles, tears and laughs. And some puppers rolling in the grass.

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Shaggy is the best beverage burro there ever was!

He loves scratches and treats and hanging out with everyone during cocktail hour.

shaggy the beverage burro
crooked willow farms reception decor

Floral: Southern Charm Colorado - Cheri

colorado springs wedding reception
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Alright, I know you guys are DYING to see all the gorgeous portraits and reception photos! Please click here: to go to PART TWO!



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