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Nick + Ashley - Vail Winter Elopement - Colorado Wedding Photographer

Nick + Ashley - Arrabelle Vail Wedding Photographer

Colorado Winter Wedding Photographer

Callie Riesling Photography

Like many 2020 couples, Nick and Ashley's original plan didn't happen. They were supposed to get married in November on the East Coast with all of their friends and family around them. These are emotions I've seen daily over the past year, but I know many of you have not. Obviously I've been doing weddings for over 11 years. I've seen it all. But gosh, I never thought before March of 2020 that anything like this would've happened. Ever. Like who would've thought that all over the country (and the world) couples who had spend months or years dreaming up and planning their wedding would suddenly have it taken from them. And they ALL hear the same 'oh well, you'll get married next year' or 'if you elope, you'll save money!' Please don't say these things. These couples are TIRED. So while this day was filled with joy and happiness, you could tell they were both mourning their expectations and the wedding they had envisioned. Obviously, getting married on the top of the mountain in Vail, Colorado after staying at the beautiful Arrabelle and skiing some beautiful Colorado powder isn't so bad. I say this in a way that I think only my 2020 couples and other corona-couples and the vendors who've dealt with this will understand... this is kinda giving the middle finger to the 'rona. I mean honestly, if you can't get married the way you wanted to with all the people you love around you... getting married in a fantastic place, in a fantastic way, in a fantastic dress/suit with the few fantastic people you were allowed to have and postponing your fantastic party till later. It doesn't let 2020 win.

I admire all the wonderful couples who gave 2020 the middle finger and did their marriage ceremony in an epic way... To be continued later or not.

SO, I hope you enjoy seeing the joy and the epic wedding day that Nick and Ashley chose. They will still have their awesome party next year, but for now. This is the kind of wonderful they threw right back at 2020 and was the perfect way for them to kick off 2021.

Venue: Arrabelle Vail Village + Vail Resorts Hair + Makeup - Rollers and Rouge - Natalie Floral - The Secret Garden Vail

Arrabelle Vail
Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding Shoes
Winter Wedding Jewelry
Snowy Wedding Accessories
Arrabelle Square Wedding Details
The Arrabelle Vail
Men's winter wedding details
Men's cufflinks made with wedding dress

Check out those cufflinks! They were made from pieces of Ashley's dress,

as was her mask!

mens wedding getting ready photos
men's wedding socks
rollers and rouge hair and makeup
Natalie Rollers and Rouge
The Secret Garden Vail
Sparkly wedding dress
Sparkling Wedding Dress

Check out this GORGEOUS first look in Arrabelle Square.

first Look Arrabelle Square
Vail Wedding First Look
Copper Wedding Photographer
First Look Reactions
Arrabelle First Look
Ski Village First Look
Wedding First Look Reactions
Arrabelle Colorado wedding Photographer
The Arrabelle Hotel

Arrabelle Square is my favorite part of any village in Colorado. Its absolute perfection. I love all the other villages and all their quirkiness, but this brings me back to Europe! But this is part of why I LOVE Vail elopements.

It adds a different kind of romance and I just love it.

Vail Bride
Rollers and Rouge Makeup
Rollers and Rouge Hair
Vail Pandemic Elopement
Arrabelle Square Elopement
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Vail Elopement
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Pandemic Winter Elopement
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