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Colorado Rockies Pitcher Justin Miller and Pilar Miller's Chatfield Botanic Garden Wedding

A baseball career is not as glamorous as many people think. Being a baseball girlfriend, fiance and wife is not like it is on that TV show 'WAGS'. The life that you live means living in a city where you don't know anyone except your spouse, but that spouse regularly has to fly off to a different city and leave you home with your dogs. The baseball life has strange hours, a lot of distance and time apart, temptation, all in a place far away from your family and friends. Oh and did I mention the chaos of not knowing where you will be in a few weeks... will he be traded, will he get hurt, will he be released, will he be sent down or brought up. As fans we often envy these guys, their families... for their lifestyle, their status, their opportunities, their ability to do the thing they love for a living. These TV shows give you this 'glimpse' into an athlete's family life.... like they are all jetting off to Cabo on the weekends and having dramatic cat fights with the other wives at a club while their husbands are buying new cars and fancy watches. The wives I've worked with, they hate that stigma. So there is a hashtag. It's #wagsinreallife. I encourage you to read some of it. It's pretty funny and you will really learn quickly that it's not all as charming as these shows portray. This crazy baseball life really does encourage some amazing relationships though. I've seen a lot of them with the couples I've worked with.... especially The Millers. These guys. They are one of those couples that loves each other relentlessly. The way they talk about each other, the way they talk to each other. Ahhh, I just love them. They make an oooey gooey wedding photographer really excited to do her job.... they make it fun! Anyway, I am so glad I have had the privilege of working with them and becoming friends with them. They are truly wonderful people and I LOVE their photos! <3 Enjoy loves! Oh and btw. They got married on 7-11.... so we HAD to go get Slurpees on 7-11 DAY! Vendors coming soon! <3 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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