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Vail Wedding Photographer


I am a Colorado Native. I've lived in the thin air for my entire life and I know these beautiful mountain towns well. In fact, these gorgeous mountain villages are a big part of the reason I became a wedding photographer in the first place and beyond that, they consistently challenge me to produce new and unique images for all of my clients. 

As a mountain couple, you don't fit the cookie cutter. So I won't try to cram you in one. 
You chose and incredibly beautiful location with unpredictable challenges, lighting scenerios and weather events. 
Because of this, the cookie cutter photographer just won't work for you. 

You need someone who can adapt to the challenges of the day. Someone who can shoot in whiteout conditions and someone who can change their pose in an instant when the wind just won't cooperate. You need someone who can work with the storms that roll through on a summer day and the cold temperatures in the winter. You need someone with strong experience and the natural ability to adapt to any situation. 

Guys, you found the right photographer. 

This is why I love doing what I do. No two mountain weddings are alike. We all know how fast things change in the high country. So choosing someone who thinks on their feet and can adapt in any conditions is important. 

Pair that with my love for the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There is a reason Colorado is known across the world for it's beauty. All you have to do is give me the insane backdrops of Colorado and a couple who is passionate about eachother and you will have gorgeous photos 

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