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Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer - Jordan and Holly Camping Engagement Session

Colorado Engagement Photography -Jordan + Holly's Colorado Camping Engagement Session - By Destination Wedding Photographer - Callie Riesling I am a native. Not a lot of people in Colorado can say that anymore. I don't have anything against most of the transplants haha, but I will tell you that my childhood was awesome because I grew up here in Colorado. My favorite special summer activities as a kid were always Rockies games and camping. There is just something extraordinary and delightful about the way a campfire smells. The way you can see all the stars. The romance of lantern light. The incredible view you wake up to in the morning. There is almost this feeling of exclusivity. You feel like the only one who is even looking at that view and it just feels like it is just for you. And then, if you are like me, you eat breakfast burritos by the fire.

I had wanted to do a camping engagement session for a very long time. Camping is something my husband and I have always enjoyed doing together and as you all know, I love doing my adventure sessions. Camping is one of my favorite adventures to go on and I was so thrilled when Jordan and Holly said it was one of their favorite things to do together too. Jordan and Holly are also creative people, so they gave me this amazing trust from the beginning and just went with my vision.

At the very end of this post, you will see the photo that I had in my head the entire time I was dreaming up this session, planning and shooting. I had never seen anything like it and I had the idea in my head for years waiting for the right client who would listen to my crazy ideas and do it. I hope you enjoy all of these photos. This is honestly how camping feels to me and I hope that translates and brings you that 'sleeping in the forest magic'.

As we waited for nightfall, Holly had to do a little lip touch up and we needed some more wood for our fire.

The mountainside and valley filled with smoke from the fires on the west coast and the trees became hazy and the twinkly lights lit up their hammock. I was hoping for big grand mountain views and stars and clear skies. My plans changed with the smokey skies, but it turned out perfectly for the romantic camping atmosphere and stayed true to Colorado's unpredictable style.

This shot guys. This is the one I had been dreaming of. And it worked. (Minus the stars since it was smokey :( )

I hope you all enjoyed our Colorado camping engagement session with Holly and Jordan. We had a great time all squished into a tent, climbing around in the Rocky Mountains, building our big fire and 4 wheeling our way out of there. Hopefully I'll be better about blogging soon! <3

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