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Colorado Wedding Photographer - Colorado Springs Couples Session

Cole + Nicole

Colorado Adventure Couples Session

Colorado Adventure Photography


Nicole and I connected on the Girls Love Travel Facebook group a while back! She and her boyfriend Cole were coming to Colorado to celebrate her birthday, camp and adventure. The drove from their home in Kansas City to explore Colorado and as a little treat for her birthday, Cole and Nicole did a fun little couple's adventure session with me in the Woodland Park area. They brought their jeep and their pup Kina along for our afternoon of fun and photos. Since Cole and Nicole are from Kansas City, I am going to have some random fun facts about Pikes Peak (the mountain in the background) in this blog post! I hope you enjoy!

Pikes Peak is one of Colorado’s 53 fourteeners.

Pike's Peak was the inspiration behind  "America the Beautiful." 

Katherine Lee Bates wrote the song in 1893 after an excursion to the summit of Pike's Peak. She finished writing the lyrics before leaving Colorado Springs but didn't publish the song until two years later.

The elevation on Pikes Peak is 14,115

Although Pikes Peak Colorado is indeed a massive mountain, it actually ranks 31 in the state, out of a total of 54. The highest mountain is called Mt. Elbert, which has a height of 14,433 feet, but it is not as famous so understandably, most believe Pikes Peak is the highest. Pikes Peak is a few hundred feet shorter, coming in at 14,110 feet high.

Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in North America.

It’s the 2nd most visited mountain in the world behind Mount Fuji.

The slogan "Pike's Peak or Bust" grew out of the Colorado Gold Rush when gold was discovered in the area of Denver in 1858, not near Pike's Peak. It had to do with the mountain's visibility to gold seekers who were traveling west. Gold wasn't discovered in the Pike's Peak area until 1893, and was one of the last major gold rushes in the lower 48 states. -

Even though Zebulon Pike FAILED to actually summit the mountain,

it was named for him.

Each year, Colorado Springs rings in the New Year with fireworks off the top of the mountain where you can see from pretty much anywhere in the city.

A team of hikers climb Barr Trail all the way to the summit in December and carry up all the fireworks for the display.

The US Army built the United States Army Pikes Peak Research Laboratory on the summit in 1969. It is a medical research facility that focuses on the “assessment of the impact of high altitude on human physiological and medical parameters of military interest”

From 1939 to 1984, Pikes Peak was home to a ski area called the Pikes Peak Ski Area.

In 2004, Crayola Crayon created a limited edition 64-color-box set including

Pikes Peak Purple.

Despite being a Colorado Native and having lived at the foot of this mountain for most of my life... I do not have a clue why the most famous Pikes Peak Souvenirs are donuts.

We hope you guys enjoyed Cole and Nicole's adventures in Colorado!

Maybe we will see them again when we are in their neck of the woods next October for another amazing Kansas City Wedding!



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