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Denver Wedding Photographer - Manor House Wedding by Callie Riesling Photography

As you can see from the title shot on here, this wedding was enchanting. I'm not the kind of girl who swoons. Seriously it bugs me when people say that... you didn't faint over an awesome photo. But if I was to 'swoon' over anything... this wedding would take the cake. Or the doughnuts I guess. (You'll see why in a minute.) I have been dying to share this wedding since I shot it on Fourth of July weekend and I am so thrilled after many ours of culling, editing, compositing (is that even a word?) and struggling not to choose all of them, I have finally finished. The week of the wedding was SUPER hard for me personally. After our first Invitro journey working so perfectly with my son, we did our second frozen transfer. I was blessed enough to be pregnant for about 6 weeks with my second baby. I miscarried 2 days before this wedding. My husband thought I needed to find a replacement shooter. He was worried about me because he loves me so much. But I told him that I needed this. I needed to do the thing I love. And all of these other artists... painters, musicians, writers... they do their best work when they have a broken heart. So why couldn't I? Why shouldn't I create beauty out of my sadness. Why couldn't I escape from my hurt for a little while so I could do something I love so very much. So I did. If you haven't had this kind of hurt, I never ever wish it on you... but if you have, you know what a blessing this joy is. So now on to the happy wedding goodness! This couple. Guys. Eric and Shelly.... AMAZING. Seriously some of my favorite people I've worked with. Eric graduated from the Air Force Academy here in the Springs and he just got his wings. Shelly is a nurse... that should tell you a lot about this lady's heart. They were living in Mississippi while Eric went through flight school and they just moved our to Oklahoma. So technically this is a destination wedding. Eric is from Iowa and Shelly is from Arizona originally so I guess that really makes it a destination wedding! The details of their day were classic Americana. Not cheesy at all and completely uncomplicated. They were married the day before Independence Day at Our Lady of the Pines in Conifer with the reception to follow at the gorgeous Manor House in Littleton nestled in the foothills. Their colors were blues and yellows with pops of red in the Bride's bouquet.

Additional info and vendor credits coming soon!********************

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